• Why do people choose to go to a clothing optional resort?
  • Relaxation .... Stress Relief .... Adventure .... There are as many different reasons for choosing clothing optional recreation as there are different types of people and recreation choices. DeAnza is a resort where people can experience everyday recreational activities such as swimming, water volleyball, hiking , tennis and socializing without the restrictions of clothing. Envision letting the warm sun and cool breeze caress your skin versus sitting around the pool in a cold wet bathing suit.
  • My Body is Less Than Perfect.  Will I Feel Out of Place?
  • It will be quickly obvious that people really do come in all shapes and sizes.  As far as our bodies are concerned, all of us have nothing to hide.  The benefits of Nude Recreation are based on the acceptance of your self and respecting the individuality and freedom of others.
  • Must I be Completely Nude Right Away?
  • No.  DeAnza Springs is a “clothing Optional” facility and except for the pool and spa areas, which is nude use only, you will never be pressured to be completely nude.  Nudity is accepted and encouraged throughout the resort and after a time to get comfortable with the idea, you will find that because people all around you are nude, quite relaxed and enjoying their day, being nude is the norm and it’s a lot more comfortable.
  • Can I Bring the Kids?
  • Of course! DeAnza Springs is a family resort and you will always find behavior conducive to any family resort.  DeAnza Springs is a family owned and operated business that is based on a family atmosphere.
  • May I Visit Just for the Day?
  • Absolutely.  While we do have excellent accommodations for an overnight, or longer stay, day visitors are always welcome.
  • Do I Need to be a Member of DeAnza Springs to Visit?
  • No, but you might find that becoming a member is less expensive for you in the long run.  When you do decide that purchasing a membership is the smart thing to do, you will automatically become a member of AANR (www.aanr.com) and AANR West (www.aanrwest.com) as well.  Among other benefits, AANR membership entitles you to discounts at other AANR affiliated clubs.
  • Are Singles Welcome?
  • Absolutely. At this time we have no restrictive singles policy for males or females.
  • What Should I Bring?
  • A beach type tote would be perfect.  In it you should have a towel for each person (polite nudist etiquette means that you always carry your own towel to sit or lounge on),  sun block, hiking shoes and any other athletic equipment you might need, a good book (or get one from our extensive library) and a cover-up for those chilly days/nights or when you've had too much sun.
  • Are Pets Welcome?
  • For the most part, yes.  As a matter of fact, DeAnza Springs has one of the best and biggest pet parks around.  As a common courtesy, please pick up after your pet at all times (pet stations are located throughout the activities areas).  Mean or noisy pets are not welcome and pets staying overnight must be in a pet friendly rental.
  • What if I get an erection?
  • Although you might think this happens quite often, it rarely occurs and usually is only a reaction to the weather. If you do find yourself in that condition, a strategically placed towel (remember, you always have one with you) takes care of the temporary situation.
  • Also check out: DeAnza Policies


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