Policies & Procedures

PLEASE NOTE: DeAnza Springs Resort management reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.


DeAnza Springs Resort is a clothing optional resort. Most of our guests prefer to be nude when prudent to do so based on the weather and the amount of time spent in the direct sun. Clothing is not permitted in the pool and hot tub areas at any time. Towels are required while sitting or lounging in any common area of the resort.


In consideration of all guests on our property, no photography is permitted except under strict guidelines. Anyone wishing to take photos must be approved to do so through the office, and if you do not have approval you may not take pictures within the boundaries of the resort. Personal video cameras are always prohibited. Please see management with any questions or for additional clarification.

Cell Phones

Cell phone use is of course permitted throughout the resort.

Please refrain from using speaker phone when you are in public spaces and around other guests. All cell phone cameras must have their lens covered by a removable sticker (provided at check-in) for the duration of your time enjoying the facilities. We are happy to provide replacement stickers, if needed.

Failure to follow these guidelines my result in the confiscation of your phone or revocation of resort privileges. Please see management with any questions or for additional clarification. 

Pool & Spa

There is no lifeguard on duty, therefore you will be swimming ‘at your own risk.’

Please remember that a towel or blanket is required (and a common courtesy) while sitting or laying nude on any surface, anywhere.

Glass and all forms of smoking are not allowed in the pool and spa areas. We are happy to provide plastic cups in Cantina Luna or Café Del Sol if you need a new container for your beverage.

Please shower before entering — there are open showers in the indoor pool building, as well as a private stall in each of the restrooms adjacent to the outdoor pool area — as all kinds of tanning lotions, oils, and other body creams are detrimental to the filtration systems.

For your own safety, please refrain from running, diving, or horseplay. Small flotation devices are fine (within reason) but if the pool is crowded please be considerate of other guests and remove them. No floatation devices are permitted in the hot tub.

We reserve the right to request compliance on all of these stipulations. 


The rules at DeAnza Springs Resort are built around awareness and courtesy for everyone on the property.

Any overt sexual behavior, violence (physical or verbal), questionable conduct with children, alcohol abuse or extreme intoxication, or anything else that might threaten, offend, or embarrass your fellow guests, residents, or staff may result in immediate expulsion from the resort.

Illegal drug use is strictly forbidden.

Commercial and / or business activities are not permitted without prior management approval. 


DeAnza Springs Resort is a family friendly destination, and members and their guests are responsible for their children at all times throughout the resort.

Children under the age of 12 must be fully supervised by an adult even while on their registered site, and especially in the pool areas.

No child under the age of 12 is permitted in the pools or hot tub without a parent or legal guardian. It is recommended by the health department that children under 12 not use the hot tub.

Children under the age of 2 should not enter the hot tub at any time, and be in the pools only if they are confidently potty-trained. 

Children under the age of 12 have a curfew (they must be on the site of registration) beginning at 8 PM unless otherwise accompanied by an adult, and children 12 to 17 have a midnight curfew.

Resort Speed Limit

The speed limit in all areas of DeAnza Springs Resort is 10 mph.

When entering on Carrizo Gorge Rd, please be mindful of your acceleration and the amount of dust you are generating, especially if there are hikers or people on golf carts in your vicinity.

Thank you for remembering that this is a neighborhood!


DeAnza Springs is a pet friendly resort. Pets should be kept on a leash at all times, and away from monopolizing the common areas. Keep in mind that being nude makes you inherently more vulnerable to any kind of unexpected animal interaction. Please keep your pets quiet, and of course clean up after them regardless of where you are on the property. Don’t chain any pets to our trees! (It’s not nice for the pet or the tree.) There is a fenced dog park on the north-western edge of the resort — please ask a staff member if you have trouble finding it on the map.


Members are welcome to have guests visit them at their site. All guests must be registered with the office within three hours of arrival, with members accompanying them at the time of registration. If the guest wishes to use the resort facilities, they must pay the appropriate fees to do so. The member is responsible for their guest’s conduct and any accrued financial obligations at all times.

CLOTHING + Jewelry

DeAnza Springs Resort is a clothing-optional, nudist community. The vast majority of our guests prefer to be nude, within considerations for the weather and the amount of time being spent directly in the sun.

We request that you keep all body-piercing jewelry and adornments smaller than a traditional padlock. Any erotic jewelry is not permitted with in the resort, at the discretion of management.

Please remember that a towel or blanket is required (and a common courtesy) while sitting or laying nude on any surface, anywhere. 


Our multiple part and full time membership packages are designed for 2 people. Connect with our office staff every day from 9am to 5pm in person or by calling  619-766-4301 to discuss your options.


Please be considerate of others when you gather with others or listen to music. Please do not play personal radios or speakers in community areas where they might be a disturbance to other guests. The resort provides music for most of the common areas – if you wish to listen to something else in these areas please use headphones for your personal enjoyment. Noise restrictions are in place from 8 PM to 8 AM every day, except for special event occasions (as determined by management). 


Our trees and other landscape elements are very important to all of us. Please do not mar, deface, or remove any of the trees or vegetation on the property – these natural wonders are here to enjoy indefinitely! For your safety and their protection, do not climb in any of the trees around the resort.


Please help us keep the resort clean by taking responsibility for your own trash. There are cans, dumpsters, and recycling facilities throughout the property. Consult your map, or any of our staff can assist you in identifying the closest one to your location. 


Why do people choose to go to a clothing optional resort?

Relaxation …. Stress Relief …. Adventure …. There are as many different reasons for choosing clothing optional recreation as there are different types of people and recreation choices. DeAnza is a resort where people can experience everyday recreational activities such as swimming, water volleyball, hiking , tennis and socializing without the restrictions of clothing. Envision letting the warm sun and cool breeze caress your skin versus sitting around the pool in a cold wet bathing suit.

My Body is Less Than Perfect. Will I Feel Out of Place?

It will quickly become obvious that people really do arrive in all shapes and sizes! As far as our bodies are concerned, we have nothing to hide, and we invite you to explore your own relationship with the tenets of the naturist lifestyle while you’re here. The benefits of nude recreation are rooted in acceptance of yourself and others, and the freedom that comes with respecting the individuality and experience of everyone in this community.

Must I be Completely Nude Right Away?

Nope! DeAnza Springs is a ‘clothing-optional’ facility. You will never be pressured to be more exposed than you feel comfortable with, and we enforce a zero-tolerance policy with regard to any pushiness or harassment in this respect. Nudity is accepted and encouraged throughout the resort, and the hope is that after you have time to get comfortable with the idea, you will find your own version of what feels good and relaxing for you. 

If you have any questions or concerns, or simply would like to discuss our nudity policy further, please connect with our office personnel or management and we would be happy to dialogue with you about this, and anything else. This also applies if you feel that you would like an exception for the nude-only policy in the pools and hot tub. 

Can I Bring the Kids?

Of course! DeAnza Springs is a family resort, and we actively encourage behavior that is conducive to guests of all ages. All are welcome here! 

May I Visit Just for the Day?

Absolutely. While we do have excellent accommodations for an overnight (or longer!) stay, single-day visitors are always welcome and we have a fee structure designed for day use only. 

Do I Need to be a Member of DeAnza Springs to Visit?

No, but once you realize how much fun you’re having you might realize that becoming a member is less expensive for you in the long run. Our office staff is always ready and available to discuss your membership options with you, and if you do decide to join you’ll also automatically become a member of AANR (www.aanr.com) and AANR West (www.aanrwest.com), which entitles you to discounts at other AANR-affiliated clubs around the country.
PLEASE NOTE: Memberships are currently only available for couples joining together. 

Are Singles Welcome?

Yes, singles are welcome to join us for day use and multiple-day bookings in the campgrounds or other resort accommodations. However, we are not currently offering membership opportunities for single men or women. 

What Should I Bring?

A beach-style tote would be perfect. In it you should have a towel for each person (polite nudist etiquette indicates that you always carry your own towel, blanket, or cloth to cover any surface you sit or lounge on), sun block, hiking shoes (and any other athletic equipment you might need), a good book (or get one from our free book exchange!) and a cover-up for when the sun dips behind the mountain and things inevitably turn a bit more chilly – it’s the high desert, after all! 

Are Pets Welcome?

For the most part, yes. Please refer to our PET POLICY above for guidelines. We do have a fully enclosed pet park on-site, and your furry friends are welcome in the majority of resort areas as long as they are leashed and well-behaved. Please pick up after your pet at all times, and if staying overnight be sure to book a pet-friendly rental.

What if I get an erection?

Although you might think this happens quite often, it rarely occurs and usually is only a reaction to the weather. If you do find yourself in an unexpected condition, a strategically-placed towel (remember, you always have one with you) can assist in discreetly taking care of the inevitably temporary situation.

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